Ice Cream, Sleep, and Good News

I was eating my nightly ice cream (Chocolate Trinity, half a cup, 180 calories) when it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps the nightly ice cream has something to do with the nightly insomnia. So I didn't have any last night and guess what? Another rotten night of sleep!

Yay for ice cream! It's not your fault, Chocolate Trinity, I have loved you ever since my grocery store stopped carrying Starbuck's Double Shot Chocolate Ice Cream. Yes, it's true, I love chocolate ice cream--dark, bittersweet, fudgy, OMG, does it get any better?

So my evenings are still good and my days have been, too; MG manuscript #2 has received another agent request and strong encouragement from others in the industry. I try to moderate my hope. I don't want to soar too high, just in case. I'm feeling good, but rejection can blindside you, so I try to keep myself on an even keel. (But still, I'm feeling hopeful--I can't help it! Shh!)