The Blustery Day

It's a wonderfully windy day. The huge puddle in the unconstructed lot has whitecaps. A gust of wind pushed me into Target. (Okay, I was headed there anyway, but still!) Leaves skittered down the road in front of me in such multitude, it was a leaf marathon.

I love this kind of day.


Catherine J Gardner said...

I dread that kind of day and we have one due on Monday - gale force winds (brr!), not good when you work at the waterfront.

CJ said...

Hey sweet friend,

I miss those windy, stormy Florida days. Although, we are having our fair share of wind and rain today here in PA. Only, much colder than down there where you are.

Thanks for your encouragement. (You know what I mean!) ;-)


Danette Haworth said...

Catherine, Batten down the hatches! Good luck and hot chocolate on Monday.

CJ, It is a wonderful day! Sunny and 68--doesn't get any better than this!

And I'm glad my words were encouraging; I was encouraged by your post because it told me I wasn't the only one!

Charles Gramlich said...

Pushed you into Target? Now there's a rationalization if I've ever heard one. ;)

NiennaC said...

Oh, I love windy days! Although, I think I might be a tad frightened by a gust of wind strong enough to push me somewhere. :)

Danette Haworth said...

Ha! Charles! You know they have tractor beams at every entrance.

NiennaC, Thanks for stopping by! We actually felt it, my son and I, rushing us along like a hand at our backs.

courtney said...

That sounds lovely. :)

We're on the second day of a 2 day blizzard over here! It is not so lovely.

Mary Witzl said...

It was windy here, too -- scarily so!

We had a lot of sleet, too, and what with the wind, I can't say I felt as positive about our weather as you did about yours.

But you've got me longing for the pleasant, cleansing sort of wind that whips up piles of leaves and creates whitecaps and makes you feel happy, not chilled to the bone...

Ello said...

Oh we had that day this weekend and I'm so glad it has left us. Unfortunately blustery windy days like that always take out our power!

Travis Erwin said...

We have those kind of days five out of seven here in Texas. I'll trade you.

Danette Haworth said...

My mom's in Michigan; she can't believe she left palm tree weather to return to the icy north!

You're right--these breezy days are very pleasant, what they call "chipper," and it's the only kind of cold I enjoy (65-72 degrees). Unless of course, I am skiing. Green slopes, blue at best, I'm always a beginner, but I love it.

I always think we should eat the ice cream when the power goes out.

I would need some stiff hair spray to live in Texas.

Sheri said...

I loved your line about the leaf marathon. I have a poem I wrote about such a day and a "suicidal leaf."

Oh and I hate when the wind blows me to Target and especially when it blows my wallet open and forces me to spend money I shouldn't! I hate that!

Susan Sandmore said...

It was the same sort of day here. AND I went to Target. Creepy . . .

Ello said...

You know, I agree! But then again, I never need a reason to eat ice cream! ;o)

Danette Haworth said...

I believe the wind/shopping connection requires further investigation. I'll begin by walking in front of Barnes & Noble.

Cue Twilight Zone music.

So true. Some things in life are inherently good and justified.