Do You Know Your Comedy: A Quiz

Charles Gramlich has posted a series of quizzes at which I have failed miserably. After post-quiz sackcloth and ashes, I realized that the only way to redeem myself was to post quizzes I ALREADY KNEW THE ANSWERS TO!

So, with that in mind, I begin my quiz series with a subject close to my heart: comedy. Charles makes his quizzes user friendly by giving you a matching set of mixed-up answers from which to choose. I do no such thing. If you want to be deemed The Armchair Queen/King of Comedy, you must recognize these quotes like sight words. Hey, if winning were easy, losers would do it.

Who said these funny lines? Post your answers in the comments! I'll post answers later!

Here we go:

1. "Rice is good food, if you're hungry and want 10,000 of something."
2. "Dad is great; he gave us chocolate cake."
3. "Will do."
4. "A dingo ate your baby."
5. "They're just dumb old donkeys; they don't have a show to put on."
6. "You old guys don't need a young woman; you need a woman who recognizes the five signs of stroke."
7. "I'm ready to go."
8. "I gotta have more cowbell!"
9. "Sausages . . ."
10. "Am I smiling?"
11. "Go to sleep, tiny dancer."


Amie Kaufman said...

Oh no, I'm comedically (is that a word) bereft! I know 'More Cowbell' is Christopher Walken... for the rest, I'm going to have to wait on the answers. Some of them are hilarious, I sense some comedy in my future!

Charles Gramlich said...

1. no idea.
2. Cosby
3, 4, ?
5. Show horses!!!!! Yes.
8. Saturday night live skit. Walken

The rest? ?????

Mary Witzl said...

I don't know the answers to any of those, though a few sound vaguely familiar, as though they could have come from SNL. My curse is the curse of Never Remembering Names and Being Away from the USA for Too Long. (Isn't that last one from an Elton John song? Sigh...)

I'm definitely going to make up my own quiz! What a great idea. My ego needs the stimulus.