Airport and Flash

Today I have to drive my little mommy to the airport. I hate that we live 1300 miles apart.

One thing my mom does when she visits is she reads all the pieces I've written since the last time she visited. Earlier this year, I forced her to go to her hometown library and actually use a computer to view one of my stories online. Navigating the web was a complicated procedure for her, but she did it and I was proud of her.

I've had several pieces published online. As I get the permissions, I'll add the stories to this blog. Here's my flash fiction, "Manifest Destiny," published on Whim's Place.


elysabeth said...
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elysabeth said...

Email me ( and I'll show you how to imbed a hyperlink so you can post a blog that will let people go right to your story on the Whim website - E :)