Update on Our New Puppy!

The woman who owns the cockapoo family emailed me new photos of our puppy. We get to pick up this cute little bundle this weekend!


Kathy Carmichael and Her Pitch Generator

On her website, Kathy Carmichael provides all kinds of guidance on query letters, synopses, and elevator pitches. She even hosts a pitch generator--just fill in the blanks and it spits out your pitch! Try it! Here's the link.

Walker Editor Stacy Cantor Talks about Covers

My FABULOUS editor, Stacy Cantor of Walker Books, is guest posting on From the Mixed Up Files today. Check it out! http://bit.ly/aTYm9P

Listen to Me! (Literally!)

The good people at TeachingBooks invited me to record myself explaining how to pronounce my name. Want to hear it? Click here, then go to "Author Pronunciation."

I listened to lots of other authors saying their names and I'm proud to say I can now correctly pronounce"Maggie Stiefvater."

Afraid of Conferences? Got Something for You!

I'm not normally in the business of telling you where to spend you money, but I believe the service I'm about to mention is truly worth it:

On September 23rd, Writers Digest is hosting an ONLINE WORKSHOP with CRITIQUES. The seminar runs ninety minutes and is run by Mary Kole from the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, an agency specializing exclusively in children's books for the past thirty years.

For those of who haven't attended a conference, this online workshop might be equally as good: it's cheaper; it's closer; you know the food will be good; and you're going to receive instruction and personal feedback on your work from a publishing insider.

The critique alone is an excellent service. If you've never exposed your work before, if you've been afraid to submit, this, I think, would be a good answer for you.

Here's the link:


Good luck!

NO, I'm Not Pregnant!

*Ring, ring*

Mom: Hi, Danette. [Actually, she used my super secret nickname.]

Me: Hi, Mom. Did M tell you? My family's getting bigger next month!


Me: No, we're getting a dog.

Mom: That's great!

Baby girl cockapoo is 3 1/2 weeks--we get to pick her up next month. Here's her picture: