The Deceit of Weather

The Deceit of Weather

O weather, you weather, thou fair weather friend--
your promise of sunshine I will never again
I'm aggrieved
You betray me so.
'Twas outside sixty
and felt like snow.

Was a trick when once your ribbons unfurled
Ribbons of light and warmth that twirled
Enraptured me and made me whole
Today is gray and all are cold.

O weather, you weather, thou friend foul and fair
entrelacé your ribbons to braid in my hair.
Dash away gray and cold and the rain
Restoreth my heart and my soul once again.

The State of Sunshine

The State of Sunshine

To my friends up north
there's something you should know;
I'm sweating in the heat
while you start the snow blow.

Inside, outside, fun in the sun
but you wear your mittens
'cause it's twenty-one
I crow
My weather has bling.
Even when it rains,
there's a rainbow ring.

I know you've got it bad,
the wind so shrill.
I'm in O-town
and I am just chill.

So pack up your bags
and drive through the night.
Last one to leave,
turn out the light.

'Tis Eighty-Four Degrees, My Ladies

'Tis Eighty-Four Degrees

The golden yoke of our sun breaks aloud,
cleaving through wooly heads of thunder clouds.

Birds trill songs of gray winter, now gone,
our week of wintertide--degrees, fifty, or fifty-one.

Away with our mittens and cloaks, no more freeze;
still in our closets hang our tanks and capris.

Hear now my ladies, the heat--how it begs
We must to our razors, and shaveth our legs.

Blue Springs, Florida

I snapped this photo from a boardwalk overlooking the springhead at Blue Springs. More than a million gallons of water a day rush from the deep, creating this oasis--a Garden of Eden. Home to manatees during the winter, the year-round seventy-three degree water sometimes is host to upwards of two hundred manatee. Just don't call them sea cows. They hate that.