FAME in Orlando! (In Which I am a Groupie)

Tomorrow (October 1st), I'll be part of the Scholastic group at the FAME conference (Florida Association for Media in Education) at the Marriott World Center in Orlando. I'm to sign books and chat, but my secret mission is to meet other authors whose books I've read and get a photo with them!

My short list includes Wendy Mass, Margaret Peterson Haddix, and Tim Green.

I have three pairs of black pants and I can't decide which pair to wear. How can that be so hard?

In any case, stop by and say Hi! if you're there!

Lizardy Kitchen

Having lived in Florida for a while, I’ve become accustomed to the beautiful sunsets, the gorgeous weather, and the lush landscapes. But I’ve never gotten used to the sight of those lizards clinging to my window screens.

I was on the phone recently with my next-door-neighbor when I saw a tail dash under the chair I was sitting on. I shrieked into the phone and pulled my legs up.

“What is it? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” my neighbor cried.

“Oh, one of those lizards is in my kitchen!” I said.

“I had one in the house the other day, too,” she said. “I pushed him out with a broom.”

I got off the phone and returned to the scene with my broom, prancing like an elf in case he darted under my heels. He was under the table. I swiped the broom under, not far—I didn’t want to smush him, just scare him out of there. He didn’t move. I swiped again, and finally I pushed the bristles gently against him. He was an expert at playing dead. He wasn’t leaving on his own; I was going to have to remove him myself.

I took a see-through container from the cupboard and turned it upside down over him. Sliding a thin piece of cardboard under it, I now had him trapped. He was scrambling inside and leaping against the walls. I screamed all the way outside, sure he was going to escape and crawl up my arms.

I made it to the front yard and let out a loud whoop when he popped out.

Throwing her second-story window open, my neighbor from across the street leaned out.

“Are you okay?” she yelled, phone in hand, ready to dial 911.

“LIZARD!” I hollered.

She snickered, then closed her window.

They tease me now about my squeamishness and I laugh right along with them. After all, I heard one of them scream at a snake last week.

This is Funny!

Oh my gosh! Trolling on YouTube and look what I found! Too funny!

Kim Kasch and The Kasch Family Players

I spent some time on fellow writer Kim Kasch's blog today and found some great stuff!

First off, thanks for the Kreativ Blogger Award, Kim! I will try to think of seven interesting things about myself and post them next time. In the meantime, I nominate everyone in my sidebar!

Secondly, Kim posted some useful tips on MS Word here.

And best of all, Kim and her good-looking family did a great video on using voice when writing:

New Brian Regan Clip

I said I wouldn't look Brian Regan up on YouTube anymore because I prefer to be surprised when I see him in person. And yet, here we go! Funny clip, new material--Brian Regan, you reign!