The world's greatest rock band received a meager attendance this Saturday at my local theater. My husband and I and four other couples had the place to ourselves when we donned our funky glasses for U23D. The hype promised me I'd feel like I was right there; I loved the film, but 3D didn't bring it for me.

Before anyone eggs my blog, let me state for the record I LOVE U2. I would enjoy their rockumentary in any D--my DVR is set to record all things U2 and Bono (which is how I caught Chastity Bono on Sell This House)--I'm just saying that the 3D effect didn't heighten my experience.

Settling into the beginning of the movie was the same as trying to see a 3D figure emerge from those weird prints in the 1990s. There weren't any affectations for the movie, which I was glad of; it was pure U2. I liked seeing common things, like Larry Mullen Jr.'s iced tea in a glass near his right elbow and a handwritten note taped to the top of Edge's keyboard. In fact, I would have liked to have seen more of this kind of detail. Who handed Bono his bandanna? Who kept refilling Larry's tea? What were they doing right before the show and where did they run to right after? Inquiring fans want to know!

The perspective from the stage was outstanding. Looking at the number of people in the audience and knowing that not one of them was a computer-generated being was overwhelming. Cell phones held in the air caused the arena to look like a perfect night filled with stars. (Sidenote: I once went to a concert where the couple in front of me had no cell phone or lighter. They lit paper matches and held them till the matches burned down to their fingers.)

Audience members' hands seemed to be right in front of me. I hate when anything obscures my vision--like those annoying girls who sit on guys' shoulders. You never see guys doing that. At least, that's what I thought until the film showed three bare-chested guys sitting on top of other guys' shoulders, swinging their shirts around, belting out the words. Wherever Bono went, hands stretched out to him, even from ten or fifteen people deep. At times, the people on the floor ebbed and flowed, like tides in the ocean. I can only imagine what it was like to have been there.

The show ended with Yahweh, a reflective, prayerful song. We stayed (and so did those eight other people) until all the credits rolled. No clips at the end. Just the feeling of wanting more.

Tagged! I'm Reading Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

CJ Ray has tagged me with a most creative meme: I must grab the closest book with more than 123 pages, turn to page 123, go five sentences down, and provide the next three sentences here.

How fortuitous that Bartlett's tome sits nearby; a book on bodily functions occupied a nearer space yesterday.

Here are the words from the required quadrant:

Modestus said of Regulus that he was "the biggest rascal that walks upon two legs."

There is nothing to write about, you say. Well then, write and let me know just this--that there is nothing to write about; or tell me in the good old style if you are well. That's right, I am quite well.

* * *

I included a bonus sentence because I like the flip voice of the speaker.

My tag is open--if you like this meme, show us what you've got!

In other news, Stephen Parrish gave me an E for excellence blog award. Thank you, Stephen! I'll add it to my sidebar.

Being noted for excellence is an inspiration to aspire to greater heights. I want to achieve excellence in all my endeavors. I want to be all I can be. Oh, wait, that's the Army. Get an Edge on Life, that's the Army, too, but the other slogan, Be All You Can Be is better. Here are a few more:

It's not just a job. It's an adventure! Navy slogan. I give it an E for excellent!
The Few. The Proud. Marine Slogan. SC for super cool!
Aim High. Air Force. O for okay.
Be Part of the Action. Coast Guard. B for boring. There's gotta be something better than that. Post your alternative in the comments!

This and That

People! Get organized--less than twenty-four hours till the new episode of America's Next Top Model!

The newspaper reports that a local congregation is praising their youth pastor for confessing to a homicide he committed some time ago. One person quoted in the article called this pastor a hero, their position being that not many would confess after getting away with murder.

My new curling iron came with a tag warning me that this product could burn my eyes. There go all my plans to stick it into my eye sockets.

U23D--have you seen it? I will don the funky spectacles this weekend. I can't wait!

The Best President Ever!

We take our politics seriously here at Summer Friend. The best president ever was Dana Carvey's George Bush, as seen in this historic moment:

I also like Phil Hartman's Clinton and his Reagan.

Darrell Hammond's Clinton is a write-in candidate. (I couldn't find any clips.)

In Which I Submit Short Stories and Find A Lizard

Just pass the tissues, will ya? I sent three short stories out into the world today. Brave little soldiers. As much as I love them, I hope they don't come back; time for them to find a new home, find their place in this world. I'm kicking everybody out of the nest. (Using up my stamps, too.)

In other news, I found the lizard that had been living in my computer room. I was cleaning Aaagh! Don't freak out! and organizing, and I dragged out a box and there he was. After the prerequisite scream, I realized the lizard wasn't moving.

When he first moved in last year, I couldn't stick my feet under my desk for fear he might leap on my toes. I grew used to tucking my feet up under my chair and to hearing the sound of him, rustling about in my day lilies.

Here's for you Mr. Lizard. You weren't bad, as far as roommates go.

Cover Art! (Well, Almost)

I've seen the preliminary cover art for Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightning! It's fantastic!

My editor emailed me, and upon opening the attachment, I felt my heart lift! The image captures the spirit of the book--outdoors, fun, exciting. It's thrilling to see how another artist can interpret your work and project it in a different format. The cover art is spot-on.

I always thought when my book got published, my name would stand out to me, but it was the title treatment I couldn't take my eyes off of. The typeface conveys the very essence of Violet, the story's main character. It's spunky and unusual, not afraid to be different. The font is loaded with personality.

The designer is making his finishing touches to the cover. I can't wait to show it to you!

Super Bowl Commercials

Last night, I had to catch up on a few priority items. First up, Super Bowl commercials. That's right--I didn't watch the actual game. Call me unAmerican, but after years of growing up with the TV commandeered every Saturday and Sunday by my dad and brothers, I hate the sound of sports coming through the television. My sister and I were made to postpone our chores while games were on: couldn't vacuum--the males wouldn't be able to hear the game; couldn't leave--we weren't done with our chores.

In any case, if commercials could be anthologized like short stories, the Super Bowl would hold the cream of the crop. I still love that Willie Nelson/H&R Block commercial from a few years ago.

When I was younger, this sprightly guy on TV had an exercise show. He was so funny and energetic, I wished he could be my uncle. You know who I'm talking about--the always effervescent Mr. Richard Simmons! Bridgestone's "Headlights" commercial featuring Richard Simmons is my pick for Best SB commercial 2008. It's so funny how we come upon him already doing his jumping jacks. The driver, instead of braking as he did for the deer and Alice Cooper, speeds up for Richard; the car's headlights affect a fierce mad face as the car guns down toward Richard. Even after the car squeals away, Richard is still cheering us on with his mantra: I believe in you!

I give Bridgestone's "Squirrel" and Budweiser's "Rocky" second and third place.

Good thing the commercial writers got their work done before the strike; the best part of the Super Bowl wouldn't have happened this year!


I feel like I've been away for so long.

My mother-in-law fell ill more than two weeks ago and has been in the ICU ever since. Yesterday, she took a good turn, and now conversation has turned to what sorts of physical therapy she might undergo and that sort of thing. It's been a very hard few weeks, but it feels like the clouds are parting.

Thank you for still visiting me. With sunnier skies ahead, I'll soon be back to regular posting and visiting, and I look forward to reading your clever blogs and funny comments.