The Deceit of Weather

The Deceit of Weather

O weather, you weather, thou fair weather friend--
your promise of sunshine I will never again
I'm aggrieved
You betray me so.
'Twas outside sixty
and felt like snow.

Was a trick when once your ribbons unfurled
Ribbons of light and warmth that twirled
Enraptured me and made me whole
Today is gray and all are cold.

O weather, you weather, thou friend foul and fair
entrelacé your ribbons to braid in my hair.
Dash away gray and cold and the rain
Restoreth my heart and my soul once again.


Charles Gramlich said...

It is the wind playing tricks on me the last couple of days. It looks like bright sun outside and lovely, and then you walk out and the wind says: "gotcha."