My Manuscripts are Circulating!

I've got quite a few manuscripts out there right now:

2 literary short stories
1 mainstream story
2 romances
1 children's NF article
1 MG novel out by request to two agents
1 MG novel out by request to two agents and one editor
various queries and partials out on the two novels

The short stories are destined for markets that don't accept simultaneous submissions, so they've got a long road in front of them. Two other stories sit on my desk; they recently made a round trip, stopping briefly at literary journals, then taking the red-eye home. I need to research other journals for them. I hope they all find new homes.

In other news, my mom thinks I've priced my garage sale items too low! Expert advice, coming from her--she made more than $600 at her last garage sale. Guess I'll be bumping those numbers up today.