Rejection, Insomnia, and Garage Sale, Oh My!

Bummer drag! One of my romances came back to me today. Personal rejection, though; rejection doesn't get any better than that. The editor said she liked many of the story elements but one detail threw her off. She was right. Fortunately, that detail will be easy to change, and my romance will once again be traveling through the mail stream to a prospective new home.

Also in the mail was an eight page survey from the sleep specialist. Here are some of the questions I said yes to:

  • I have difficulty falling asleep.
  • When I awaken during the night, I am unable to fall back to sleep.
  • Is there a history of sleep problems in your family?
If you want to find me in a crowded setting, just start asking people, "Where is Purple Eye-Bags?"

One of the pages perfectly described my mom: You fall asleep doing the following: Sitting and reading. Watching TV. Sitting in a theatre. Sitting in a car. You're supposed to mark the ones that apply to you, but my mom would have to check them all.

I didn't have time to fill out the survey; I had to price more items for the garage sale. My gosh, where . . . why did I buy all this stuff? And will I get rid of it?

I'll let you know tomorrow.


cdb said...

Nice site. Have fun and welcome to blogdom.

Carole (from Verla's)

Ghost Girl said...

Hey Danette! Saw your post on the blue boards and popped over for a peek. I have terrible issues with insomnia and I know all too well how that zombie walk through the day goes.

Sorry about the rejection. Good luck with the Garage sale!

Colorado Writer said...

Hi Danette!

Good blog! I like it. Keep it up!

stephblake24 from the blue boards.

DMH said...

Thank you, Carole!

DMH said...

Thanks for popping over, MaryAnn! You know how zombies love company.

DMH said...

Hi Stephanie!

Thank you for your kind words. Always nice to have the support of other writers!