Behind my sister's house is a pasture shadowed by tall oaks and orange trees. We sit at her table and enjoy this view. Cows graze by; they are lumbering and thoughtful, these big, gentle creatures. Ironically, a slaughterhouse sits on the same street not half a mile away.

I do not like to think of this, not even as I eat my hamburger and stare out my sister's windows.


Lilfix said...


My husband's family own a dairy farm and I help milk the cows on Sundays...

The first thing you learn, is...when the tail goes up, you move...FAST!!!

Once you have been "pooped" on...the hamburger really, really tastes good...grin..

Danette Haworth said...

Haha! Gross!

My parents took my brothers and sister and me to a three-ring circus when we were little. None of us really remembers the circus, but we all remember the elephants--one of them pooped during the big finale!

And believe me, it was a BIG finale!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the note, danette! i wish you were on l.j.!


Church Lady said...

Somebody on the SCBWI boards, maybe a year ago? wrote a PB about cows. It was hysterical! I hope it got published or is on its way.
I think it was called "Bessie."

I'll try to find it...
About a cow who gets out of the pasture and wanders into interesting situations.

Sheri said...

I so love cows!
I so love hamburgers too.
Seems a bit hypocritical.

I used to have these lovely cow dishes. They served beef rather well. Sad.

Danette Haworth said...

Church Lady,
I like Click, Clack, Moo.

I know what you mean. And we haven't even mentioned filet mignon yet.