Mixed Reviews

One of my short stories climbed all the way to the top of an editorial ladder only to have the editor-in-chief knock it down. I received a nice, handwritten note from the fiction editor telling me how much she enjoyed it, but the chief decided to pass. Oh, well. The editor's encouraging words kept me from sinking.

While I have received this rejection, others I know from Verla Kay's Blueboards have received good news. The other Danette landed a two-book deal with Putnam! Congratulations, Danette! You deserve it. Carole had a poem accepted by Fandangle and another piece published in this month's Stories For Children. Brenda Sturgis snagged an agent.

Congratulations to all!

There's a tomato post today on a blog called Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds. Great storytelling! Check it out.

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Linda D. (sbk) said...

Congratulations on getting so close. It must feel good to at least know that someone was working for you. Keep trying!

And ditto on all the congratulations to everyone else. :)

DMH said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Linda!

courtney said...

I second the congrats on getting so close! Concentrate on the good stuff the editor said and keep on keeping on!

DMH said...

Thank you! Staying focused on the good things!