Revisions, How to Punch up Your Blog, and I'm Going to See Brian Regan!

Revisions are finished, and the manuscript is in the hands of two of my readers. After I receive their comments, the story will make another trip to New York.

I'll be using this break from revision to market some of my short stories and learn more about blogging. Angela Mackintosh of WOW! posted an excellent article called Optimizing Your Blog. Lots of tips here, folks. Check it out!

I'm feeling good, feeling kind of MMMBop-py today partly because I've finished revisions and also because I'm going to see Brian Regan! We've got floor seats just a few rows back! I can't wait. I just hope that tall guy doesn't sit in front of me like he always does in church.


courtney said...

Congrats on finishing your revisions & good luck with them! Also, I think it's awesome that you used your break to do short story work & blog optimization but I hope you snuck in some 'yay I have finished my revisions, I rock!' chocolate because everyone should have a chocolate reward system when it comes to writing (unless they are allergic or can't eat chocolate in which case, it should be substituted for something equally enjoyable). :)

Danette Haworth said...

Haha! Courtney, you are so right! I do reward myself every night with a half scoop of store brand ice cream, but yes! I deserve a real treat. Perhaps I should buy . . . dare I say it? . . . BRAND NAME ice cream!

And you called it, because chocolate is the best reward!

moonslice (from AW) said...

Thanks for the blog link to WOW!

moonslice (from AW) said...

hmm, i'm trying to figure out why my name isn't a link... TESTING : )