Write It Down! Pen and Paper Do Not Forget

We forced one of my brothers to go with us to hit the boutiques last week. He and I got caught up in some discussion while my mom and sister traipsed ahead. And that's when I said it, something brilliant:

Brother: That's brilliant!
Me: Really?
Brother: Yeah, that's really good . . . so true. [He begins to expound upon my brilliant point.]
Me: Maybe I'll save it for one of my stories.

We catch up to Mom and M.

Brother: Hey, listen to what Danette said: Lkdjjf 9e kdkjkjfhgidanv, and so lkdi ncien kdfjjiaodfn andinn eienfirumey.
[Mom nods. M is awestruck by the sheer wisdom of my words.]

I was thinking about this last night. Mainly because I cannot remember what I said. My brother does not remember what I said either. I know better than this--I keep a notebook by my bedside and parts of Violet Raines were written on the backs of grocery receipts--I should have written it down! Whatever I said was enough to impress my brother, and he's a tough audience. Now mankind is forever bereft of that piece of brilliance. I guess John Bartlett will not be calling me after all.


Mary Witzl said...

I keep a pad by the side of my bed to write down all my brilliant thoughts and dreams. Then when I go to see what I have written, damned if I can read my own handwriting. There ought to be a better way, but if there is, it has eluded me thus far. Perhaps a tape recorder? I'd probably manage to get the tapes all messed up or fail to press some vital button...

Charles Gramlich said...

I thought I detected a chill in the air right about that time. Your brilliant statement must have disturbed the aether. So don't worry if you can't remember it. It's already out there in the world having it's effects.

Ello said...

It'll come back. Right in the middle of the night or while you are taking a shower, somewhere completely nonconducive to write the thought down, but it will come back. Just be ready!!

Church Lady said...

The thought faery has given it to me. And yes, it is quite brilliant. I've already written a chapter around it.

p.s. I really hate when that happens. I try to capture dialogue between my kids so my writing sounds more authentic. Sometimes I forget a key word or phrase and it bothers me for days.

Stephen Parrish said...

That reminds me of the old story about the pot smoker to whom a great secret of the universe would occur at the peak of every high, just before he passed out. Unfortunately, the next morning he wouldn't be able to recall it.

One evening, at the height of his daily stupor, giggling and wolfing down munchies, he stumbled over to his desk and managed to write the great secret down before collapsing onto the floor.

The next morning he eagerly grabbed the sheet of paper and read:

"There is a funny smell in the room."

Danette Haworth said...

Hi Mary,
I've thought about that tape recorder before: Note to self.

Ha! Good to know!

I have learned my lesson, Ello. BE READY!

Ha! Church Lady LOL!

I know what you mean. I can only hope if the thought returns to me, that it's as brilliant in person as it's been in absentia.

Brenda said...

Go to a quiet place, take a couple of deep breaths and start running through the conversations that you had with your brother and it will come back to you...

I also keep a notepad by the bedside...I started keeping one of those little book lights next to it because I would try to write down my thoughts in the dark to keep from waking hubby...couldn't read a thing the next day...the light helps me write without bothering him...

courtney said...

I am sad for the lost piece of brilliance, but on the other hand this is a perfect excuse to by a really nifty looking pocket sized notebook. There is nothing more fun than indulging in writing stuffs! In my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Bummer. I'll be looking out for it and if it comes my way, I'll let you have it right back.

Stella said...

I keep a notebook next to my bed and carry a bitty one in my purse, though I've jotted down my ideas on anything handy - napkins, backs of receipts, etc. I bet it will come back to you yet.

Happy New Year!a