Thoughts on Mick Jagger and Other Tidbits from Parade Magazine

Parade Magazine and the Style section (which includes the books reviews) accompany my little donut and cappuccino every Sunday morning.

Mick Jagger graced this weekend's cover. Make all the old-guy jokes you want to--this guy's still cooking. I watched a documentary on VH1 in which Mick took the reporter into a room in his house that contained tapes of all the Stones' recordings. The walls were lined with boxed reels.

The reporter commented that Mick must be very proud when he enters that room, to which Mick responded something like, "Well, I'm not like . . . " and then he puffed out his chest like a rooster.

On the trailer for Shine a Light, the new Stones' rockumentary, a clip shows Martin Scorsese sitting at a desk when Mick calls. Mick expresses concern over Scorsese's use of cameras, particularly one that "swoops over the audience" and around the stage. He said he thought that would be annoying to the audience.

Humor and attention to detail--I like those qualities; I guess I never thought of someone like Mick Jagger being sort of like a regular person. Though I do not listen to the Stones, the film looks interesting. I especially think it's funny when Scorsese is totally stressed because the Stones won't pin down the set list for him.

No-Guilt Desserts--I didn't even read this article. No-guilt means the same as no fat, which equates to no flavor.

I did not know that Ping-Pong is an active trademark--did you?

The magazine closes with a feature on John Krasinski, who plays Jim on The Office. Apparently, his original goal was to be a scriptwriter, but another writer told him to go for acting instead, saying, "Don't even try making it as a writer. It's too tough."

Geez, now you tell me.


Brenda said...

My hubby and I milk cows from 1 a.m. until about 4:30 a.m. every Sunday I get to read the Parade Magazine over milk & tails...giggle...

I think I would rather have your reading habits...grin..

Danette Haworth said...

Nothing beats a good donut.

BTW, I always wanted to live on a farm.

courtney said...

The non-writing thing is totally working out John Krasinski!!

courtney said...

er, working out FOR John Krasinski, that is.

We should all be so lucky. :)

Ello said...

Well writing in Hollywood is a different crazy cutthroat business so I can totally understand that last comment.

Ah donuts! Krispy Kremes are my letha weapon of choice!