Interviewed by WOW Magazine

This weekend, I was interviewed by WOW! Magazine's warm and wonderful Angela Mackintosh. Angela is the editor and CEO of WOW! and just an all-around great person. I've enjoyed reading her interviews with other writers because they seem so natural and conversational, and I felt the same way as I answered her questions. Click here to read the interview.

If you've never visited WOW! Magazine, let me say it's a good site to add to your favorites. Every month, new articles on the craft and business of writing are added, and the site hosts a quarterly flash fiction contest, which is judged by qualified readers: the last contest was judged by literary agent Kristin Nelson; this quarter's contest will be judged by literary agent Wendy Sherman. Want to get acquainted with an agent? This is a good way to do it. There's even an option for critique.

I've enjoyed this website for more than a year, so it was an honor to break in.


courtney said...

It's a wonderful interview! Great questions, great answers.
Congrats, Danette!

Danette Haworth said...

Thanks, Courtney!