I Ran into an Old Friend

I knew I recognized that voice. I was throwing darts in this restaurant when I heard him, and I looked around. Gosh . . . was that . . .

I looked at him openly, but he didn't seem to know me. I swore it was him. I thought about doing the usual procedure in this case--yelling out his name and watching to see if he responded. Or I could just pretend I didn't see him.

Instead, I walked by his table and said, "Excuse me, are you T?"

T looked up, curious. "Yes"

"It's me, Danette!"

A smile and affection washed over his face. I slid into his booth and caught up with him and his dinner companion, his boy who is now a man.

T is doing something new with his photography. As I listened to him, I got caught up in his enthusiasm. When someone is passionate about something, they exude excitement and it's contagious. It's inspiring to listen to another artist talk about their work, what they're trying to do, and how it's going. I love that type of conversation.

Then my Reuben got served and it was time for me to go. But it was wonderful running into an old friend and remembering the work we used to produce together, and even better, sharing the new work we're both doing now.


Charles Gramlich said...

That's always a pleasure.

courtney said...

Life keeps on. That's wonderful, to be able find someone from the past and reconnect and catch up and find out things are good.

Linda D. (sbk) said...

What fun! When I do that sort of thing I'm usually wrong and end up doing something stupid. How lucky that you ran into him. :)