American Idol--Resistance is Futile

Let me state for the record that until last year, I never watched American Idol. Most of what I knew about it came from The Soup. ("Some people weren't liking it.") But last year, my sister forced me to watch excerpts of AI featuring David Cook.

I have been assimilated.

My DVR is set to record all new AI installments. I'm down with my new finalists; I've seen Tatiana. Maybe it's too early to say, or maybe it's because I'm an AI newbie, but so far I haven't seen anything that compares to last seasons finalists. I loved David Cook's smoky rendition of "Billie Jean," and with his raspy voice and Jimmy Fallon hair, he captured me every time he took the stage.

This duet with David Archuleta is haunting. I love it. Before you go, send yourself a reminder: American Idol's on tonight.

Resistance is futile.


Kim Kasch said...

Can't watch it. Too painful - at least in the beginning. I'm like, "Eww, I'm so embarrassed."

Charles Gramlich said...

Can't keep my interest levels in it, I'm afraid.

Danette Haworth said...

I love that coat in your avatar. You look as cool as Clint, whom I would never expect to catch watching American Idol.

Kim--we're coming to get you--see more recent post!