American Idol: And the winner is . . . what?

We had more than six inches of rain yesterday. Most people in Central Florida attribute this to natural weather phenomena, but those who will track this deluge will find the source to be the tears streaming from my eye sockets.

Adam Lambert did not win American Idol. It's true.

Oh, it started off pleasantly enough. Norman Gentle, I was glad to see him. Kris's journey, nice guy, good runner up. It had been raining all day here and lightning flashed in the windows behind me, giving the effect of strobe lights through the window. I hated the group songs; they just don't sound good together.

Then, just as they started to introduce Adam's journey, LIGHTNING TOOK OUT MY SATELLITE! The world spun crazily and I clawed my way to the phone. "MAC! MAC!" My sister, my only lifeline--she's on vacation, but I knew she'd answer for me. I clutched the phone. "What's happening? Who's Adam singing with?"


Oh, man! Stupid satellite dish. Desperately, my kids and I (and even my husband who hates AI but nevertheless thought Adam superior) tried to restore the signal manually, but to no avail. Then, just as suddenly, the signal returned--at the commercial break following Adam's performance.

Coinkidink? I think not.

Exhibit #1 Despite repeated dialings, I got only one vote in for Adam.

Exhibit #2 None of my text votes received confirmation notices (until the next day).

Exhibit #3 After not receiving confirmation, I repeatedly texted to 5705. That was my fault; I had never texted AI before and thought it followed the phone format. Still, I blame Idol.

Excitement surged through our little family, stirring us to our feet in the final moments. I wonder that I didn't fall to the ground, crack my head on the floor, and require emergency services when Adam's name was not announced.

As some of you know, this season was my first American Idol experience. I don't know if can withstand another.

It's still raining now; forecasters say it will rain all week. If only they would look more closely at their radars and see the tracks of my tears. It's such a mad world.


Sandy Nawrot said...

That is just bizarre that YOU almost got struck by lightning! And during Idol too! My old boyfriend and I were going to start a band together in junior high school that was Kiss-inspired (and "our song" was Beth), so this little flashback was especially enjoyable for me. My family's shrieks of disbelief and outrage were masked by the thunder...God was angry too. I will sleep soundly, though, knowing Adam will prevail. I suspect more will become of him than 'ol Kris, so there!

Pink Ink said...


I have not actually WATCHED AI, but have seen the online coverage and have been rooting for Adam.

Maybe if you had gotten more votes in, then...LOL

Danette V. said...

From your eye sockets! That's sooo funny ... I mean, I'm sooo sorry. Here's a tissue. :)

I can't believe your dish went out and during an Adam song too! You of all people. Crud. You did miss some nasty looking tongue from the KISS dude so that's a plus.

You know Adam will do great. We've not heard the last of him that's for sure.

courtney said...

When I heard the news, you were the FIRST person I thought of. I'm sure there are lots of great things in store for Adam, though! Probably greater things. After he's done with his obligations to AI, he'll hopefully move onto a better contract. Still, I'm sorry. I know how you wanted him to win!! SIGH.

Chris Eldin said...

LOL!! I only catch this show sporadically, and I've never seen "LOST" so I guess I have some catching up to do on the cultrual scene.
Sorry your guy didn't win...

Joanna said...

I read your interview on Mary Jo Campbell's website, which led me to your website, which led me to your blog and your post on Adam, which I thoroughly enjoyed (and as it happens, I also blogged on this topic--also my first season with AI--although we had much less drama that evening). I plan to check your book out for my daughter. Thank you.

Danette Haworth said...

It's Wednesday morning, the week after. The TV remained dark last night--I thought we'd wander the house, lost, directionless, but life continued. We resumed normal activity, talked about non-AI stuff, and went to bed ON TIME!

Still, I can't wait till July--we have American Idol tickets!!!