Spotted at Chili's

After spending the day on a field trip and the evening at basketball games, I took my two little boys to Chili's, and while we were waiting, I saw this kid holding a book, the back of which looked familiar. I couldn't see for sure. After we were seated, I made one of my sons go to the other section and ask that kid what book he was reading.

Can you believe it was Violet Raines! It was his sister's book. A few minutes later, the brother and the sister appeared at our table, wanting me to sign the book, and I, of course, had bookmarks in my purse! I'm sure they'll never know it how thrilling it was for me to see them with my book in a setting outside the context of book signings and schools.

I need to call my mom.


Catherine J Gardner said...

And I bet you've dreamt about a moment like that for years. :)

Sandy Nawrot said...

Probably after your next book comes out, you are going to have quite a bit more of that! You make me chuckle at the vision of you pulling out your bookmarks!

Danette Haworth said...

Yes, Cate, it's true. And I almost missed it because we originally thought about eating somewhere else.

Ha, Sandy! I always have a few in my purse because you never know!

Ello said...

That is so awesome!!!! I consider that a great author moment!

Stella said...

Sounds like one of those moments authors live for - a sure sign you've made it or are well on your way!

KateMessner said...

This made me smile, Danette - Congratulations on such a cool moment. (And I know congratulations sounds a little funny here, but really...writing a book that kids take out to dinner is very worthy of congratulations, so I'm sticking with it!)

My daughter started reading VIOLET this week and is loving it - she had questions about the setting right away, since we live in the Northeast but spend time in Florida, and she loves being outdoors there.

Wild About Words said...

What a surreal and fabulous experience for you. Hooray!
My girlfriend called the other day because she saw a girl reading my book at her daughter's softball game. Then the girl's mother e-mailed to tell me her daughter was "walking into walls" because she wouldn't put the book down till she finished it. Makes all those revisions worthwhile, huh? :)
Can't wait till your next one comes out!

Mary Witzl said...

What a great thing to happen! And I think it must have been a wonderful experience for THEM, to be reading a book and actually run into the author!

Danette Haworth said...

Ello, Stella, and Donna,

Yes, it was a dramatic moment for me. I'm sure my face look dumbfounded--jaw open, eyes staring.

You're so right! It was the enormity of the feeling that someone thought Hmm, I might be waiting for a while. I know! I'll bring my new book with me! It was, for me, WOW!

Thank you, Mary!

Danette V. said...

HOW awesome was that-- for you and them! I bet you made their week!

Rena said...

Now that's really cool!