U2 Concert!

U2 in the house!

Last month, I went to see U2 LIVE! They brought the house down; Raymond James Stadium in Tampa will never be the same. The stage ensemble, known as the spaceship or the claw, was massive, the effects spectacular, and the concert only established what I already knew--U2 is the world's greatest rock band. Please notice: my ticket actually reads I M Fan.

Wait till you see the pictures--wait! Don't go yet! You will not believe how close our seats were! I could see Bono's eyebrows even without my binoculars! I could see so well that I saw Larry come to the stage and I yelled at my husband to get Larry on video.

"No one's even out yet," my husband said.

"Turn it on!" I didn't have time to tell him how right I was.

Then the spotlight grew brighter and the stage smokier and the beat of Larry's drums filled the air. Yeah! Larry! I remembered how Larry has carpal tunnel syndrome and gets specially made drumsticks because banging the drums is painful for him, he's been dealing with it for years--but no time to dwell on that, sorry Larry! because Edge appeared in a spotlight, then Adam, then BONO, then all HE!! broke loose and the screaming began! My husband doesn't scream, and there were no other women by me, so I had to do all the screaming for my section. Let me just say for the record, we were well-represented.

Here, for your pleasure, are just a few of the hundred or so photos I took of the concert. I hope you enjoy them!

These first two are from videos:

This bridge spanned the gap from the stage to the catwalk. A sea of hands stretched upwards, trying to reach Bono as he sang "Beautiful Day."
This photo is my favorite.


Sandy Nawrot said...

Wow! So how many days did you have to camp out on the sidewalk to get those tickets? I camped out once for 48 hours to get Pink Floyd (sans Roger Waters) tickets, and they still were not THAT close! Those pictures are awesome. I'm thinking you wouldn't have been able to speak for a couple of days after that!

Danette Haworth said...

Ha, Sandy! I was on the pre- pre Internet sale as soon as it opened, thanks to my status as a paid U2 subscriber. I have a little bit of a zoom, so the pictures are a closer than actual distance, but believe me, we were still close!

My pipes weren't scratched at all! I think I prepped them by screaming myself hoarse at the American Idol concert in July.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. Great pics. I'm glad you had a good time.

Travis Erwin said...

I love live music whether the venue be small or large.

courtney summers said...

Awe. Some.