Book Release Jitters

Over on Verla Kay's, there's a discussion going on about the anxiety and anticipation as the release date for your book arrives. Violet Raines was published end of summer 2008, and The Summer of Moonlight Secrets will be out May 2010.

Here are some true things I've learned:

There will be no big ceremony heralding the stocking of your book on shelves (but you will be exquisitely aware of it).

When you last went to the bookstore, there were three copies left. Your mother just went by and saw only two. "Who could have bought it?" she will say. You live in a town with more than two million people.

Not everyone will like your book. Some of them will post their reviews.

Some people WILL LOVE your book and some of them will post their reviews.

People who hardly know you will ask you for free copies.

You will love those who love your book. They are the best people.

Your family and friends think you are making the big bucks now. They want to know how much.

You will scour the Internet looking for your title, but you will be afraid to click into the Search results.

Young people will send you emails saying that you wrote a perfect book and they are having the same problems as your main character. You will almost cry over these emails.

You will receive handwritten letters expressing joy over your book. Most of these will be printed in pencil. You will buy pretty stationery to write back in your own handwriting.

You will write another book.


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds right on target!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Yes! Write more books! It has to help that you are on the cover of Publisher's mag! Hopefully that takes away a few jitters, but probably will make your family think you are even richer!

Kim Kasch said...

I wish I had those problems :(

Christina Farley said...

This is a great list. I can't wait for your next one to come out. So exciting!

Kelly said...

Love it! I love your mother - "I wonder who bought it" :)
The letters from teens must make every late night and revision worth it!

Angela said...

Oh, sounds so great!!

Wild About Words said...

Danette, So true. So true!