A Manatee with His Little Friends at Blue Spring

More than two hundred manatees lounged and played in Blue Spring run last week. Manatees are mammals, and though you wouldn't think so, they basically have no blubber. When river temperatures get too cold, manatees migrate to warmer waters. Blue Spring is a popular destination for them.

They're known as sea cows, but their closest relative is the elephant! Gentle giants is another nickname. You wouldn't believe how graceful these creatures are. At times, they twirled slowly, beautifully, like aquatic ballerinas. They looked like they were smiling. A couple of them launched out of the water like dolphins, to the joy of the onlookers crowding the docks.


Sandy Nawrot said...

We take a trip to Blue Springs just about every winter. It is about time we went actually! We love to go up there, bring a picnic and go for a hike. Those sweet little babies wouldn't hurt a flea. It makes me upset to see their poor butchered backs and tails.

Charles Gramlich said...

such interesting creatures.

Mary Witzl said...

Beautiful photograph!

I saw a manatee once, in Miami. We were walking past a dock near Brickell Avenue, and the water parted and there it was. It was brown, though, I'm pretty sure. I was awe-struck.

I wouldn't have mistaken it for a mermaid, though. Not in a thousand years.

Danette Haworth said...

Thank you, Mary! Those sailors had to be a long time at sea to mistake a manatee for a beautiful maiden!