American Idol Season 9 Predictions

Call your bookies, I'm laying down some predictions for what I think will be American Idol Season 9's Top Ten.

I just finished watching the recording from last night, and I wrote down eight names, figuring the other two would be filled by contestants to whom they haven't given air time (so they can pull a big upset later). By the time I got to my computer, I could only remember impressions of six of them. BAM! Two people cut already.

Here are my early predictions for the top ten:

Andrew Garcia--Can you believe what he did with Paula's song? He put me in a smokey lounge with his cool rendition. Very excellent!

Haely Vaughn--I liked her little laugh at the end of her song. Energetic, big voice, and young!

Lilly Scott--This girl is cool. From her straight blue-platinum hair to her jazzy voice, she has got the goods. I hope she makes it to the top five.

Casey James--Plays guitar, cool bluesy voice, and looks like Brad Pitt. Don't be surprised if he wins. Brad Pitt! I'm just sayin'.

Didi Benami--Range! Wow!

Crystal Bowersox--Janis Joplin reincarnated with a guitar. She's good.

Tonight, more people will get cut, maybe some of the ones listed here. If so, I'll have to eat crow. If not, remember--you read it here first!


Boni Ashburn said...

I was so surprised no one mentioned the Brad Pitt similarity! He's such a dead-ringer for younger Pitt. And he has an excellent voice :)

Danette Haworth said...

Yes, he does! He really came alive behind that guitar!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the punchline....

Sandy Nawrot said...

Garcia has the sympathy vote with his story, and I love his rendition of Paula's song, but I thought he sounded off key! I agree with you on the blue-haired Janis Joplin and Casey (yeah baby!) I also remember some beautiful blond girl who played the guitar that wowed me, and the single mom with the tattoo and piercings was really good. I love Hollywood week!