Star Wars Flash Mob Takes Over Mall

Better than a convention--a FLASH MOB!


Sandy Nawrot said...

I have never seen anything So I am assuming they travel en masse to various locations? And these folks do what for a living?

Madeleine said...

Hi Danette, I'm Madeleine, we haven't talked in a VERY long time...sorry!
But I absolutely LOVED Violet Rains Almost Got Struck By Lightning!! It's one of my favorite books! I have read it like 5 times! I hope it becomes a movie, that would be awesome.

Danette Haworth said...

Hi Sandy!
Flash mobs can happen anywhere, anytime, and are usually set up online or by texting. For example (sorry if you already know this), I could go on Twitter or Facebook and say, "Bring your light sabers to Orlando Fashion Square Mall Saturday and hang at the picnic area. When the whistle blows at 12 pm, start fighting!"

It's kind of like a party--you hope a bunch of people show up, but you have no way of really knowing until it happens. I saw one on YouTube where a bunch of people showed up and, on cue, fell down as one and stayed down for a couple of minutes.

SO WEIRD! But the light sabers, now that's funny!

Hi Madeleine,
I remember you! You're always welcome here.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Violet Raines. Check out my website if you want a sneak peek at my new book, The Summer of Moonight Secrets.

AprilGarden said...

That has to be one of THE MOST random things that I have ever seen!