Adam Lambert, Donna Gephart, Blueberry Goodness and Other Important Chit Chat

ADAM LAMBERT appears on American Idol tonight and tomorrow night! Yeah!You know where I'll be!

Whew, got that out of the way.

My friend Donna Gephart has great news: Her novel How to Survive Middle School (middle-grade fiction) is now in bookstores. HSMS received a starred review from Kirkus and a very nice review from Booklist. Way to go, Donna!

Last night, I dreamt of The Hotel of Blueberry Goodness. (I told you this was important chit chat!) My family and I had snuck onto the grounds, explored the hotel, and found a beautiful suite unlocked. We spent the night. I still remember what it looked like, and here's the odd thing: the setting of the dream was the same as when I dreamt of the hotel here. I wish I could really go there.

Here's what else is going on: The Summer of Moonlight Secrets comes out end of May. I'm speaking at Sawgrass Bay Elementary tomorrow, and I have two Barnes & Noble appearances coming up in May. And I'm sponsoring a writing contest for some local schools. The grand prize winner receives a signed hardcover of SOMS before it's even released! Other winners receive the new Violet Raines paperback, which features a sneak peek of SOMS. Also, I'm in revision rounds for Me and Jack, eating rice cakes, and chugging energy drinks.

Hope all is well with you! Have a great day!


TerryLynnJohnson said...

whoa! thanks for the heads up for Adam!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Adam seems to have embraced his softer side, doesn't he? He still rocks though.

If I had my druthers, I'd sleep on the floor of the garden room. Eating blueberry pancakes of course.

Our media specialist was so excited you stopped by, and also agreed to hang with us again at Barnes and Noble!!! You da bomb!