Alligators, Cranes, and Little Boys

My morning rounds take me past many ponds; they say that every body of water in Florida has an alligator.

They do not lie.

I scan every pond, every canal, just hoping for a sighting. Today I scored! An alligator was crossing a pond at breakneck speed! He tipped up in front, like a speed boat zipping across a lake. I couldn't see what he was after, but I've never seen an alligator move so quickly. Usually, they float or glide--nary making a ripple--sly reptiles that they are. I took this photo on the other side of town; it's not the same alligator, but it could be his brother-in-law.

Also sighted today, the sandhill cranes couple and their colts (that's what sandhill crane babies are called). The cranes are such wonderful parents. Once, I watched as the mom and dad drove their beaks into the ground and repeatedly offered their findings to their colts. They walk together through the neighborhood, an odd foursome, these lanky birds and their kids.

Speaking of kids, I passed a lady pushing a stroller. Her toddler bounced behind her, exuding the kind of cuteness that makes you say, "Aww!" out loud even though you're by yourself. Then he fell down like a Weeble-Wobble. I actually said, "Oopsie!" It was then I realized I'd actually stopped the van in the middle of the road to watch this little boy. Good thing there were no officers behind me.

On the way home, I searched that pond--the velocigator was gone. I guess breakfast was served.


Annika said...

Ooh! We only see alligators at the zoo. Florida is neat!

Sandy Nawrot said...

My parents used to have a place down at a fish camp in the Everglades, and you want to take gators? They were everywhere. People in the camp had to keep a close eye on their dogs and cats. And toddlers.

Wild About Words said...

Last time I visited my favorite park, there were two parent sand hill cranes and two colts (didn't know that's what they're called). The parents walked with and fed their colts. I and several other people watched for half an hour. Really neat!
Thanks for sharing your nature adventures!

Barbara O'Connor said...

That is so cool!!