The Easter Games, In Which I Play To Win

There is nothing I like better on holidays than having the family over and playing a cutthroat game of words. This Easter it was Catch Phrase, and my sister and I teamed up against EVERYONE ELSE to smear their faces into the ground with our prowess. When it comes to this game, I am no one's mother, no one's wife, no one's daughter--my loyalty is to my teammate and only victory satisfies my bloodlust.

I told my sister we should be on separate teams, for I know the force between us. No, she said, we must be one. And we were one. UNSTOPPABLE, UNBEATABLE, UNDEFEATED TO THIS DAY! No one can touch us. I gave her Not a radio supper, but a and she answered TV dinner. She understands erudite clues such as It's a literary word, something pastoral--a grassy-- "Knoll!" she shouted.

Rack 'em up and cry, losers. This game is ours to win. Stumble over your words like ginger while we rack up points because you run out of time. You entered this challenge knowing our reputation. Did you think it hyperbole?

My sister and I look forward to next week. It's her birthday. There will be cake and there will be ice cream and presents and singing. And when that's over, there will be THE GAME.


Sandy Nawrot said...

You have me convinced! I shall never cross your path, you word warriors, you!

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds rather vicious. I think I'll stick with chess.

krazygorlicki said...

I wish I could of been there, sounds like fun. Tell the family, Hello :) Love ya, TG.

Danette Haworth said...

The game is in your blood, TG, and your mom's--you know the power of it!

mike carr said...

aaahhh but there is a ripple in the you sense it? For there is one still out there who the force is very strong within..hahahhaha mike

Danette Haworth said...

Ah, yes. A ripple indeed.

But has your sword grown rusty in its sheath? Played the game in a while you have not. Do your clues still inspire clarity? Do you cut through confusion with your words? Can you chop your opponent's time with your acumen?

Think carefully upon your answer, Mike Carr, for soon you may be called to the challenge.


that's always funny

Next time I am in your galaxy, join me, and we will defeat the elders.