What Boys Say

When little boys sit in my van eating French fries from Burger King, they think I'm not listening.

I am.

Boy 1: My dad rents movies and copies them. He knows it's illegal, but he doesn't care.
Boy 2: What are the three forms of matter?
Boy 1: Water, gas, and POOP!
Boy 2: Do you kiss your brother?
Boy 1: No, I think it's against the law.
Boy 1: Do you still have lice?


Sandy Nawrot said...

It's amazing what you hear, isn't it? I will go out of my way to drive kids places just to hear the scoop (although I could do without the lice!)

Travis Erwin said...

And our conversations really do not improve as we age.

Kim Kasch said...

I always learned the most on car rides with the kids.

AprilGarden said...

OMG, THAT'S HILARIOUS!! The last one was definitely the most amusing!!