Brian Regan in September!

YES! We're going to see my favorite comedian, Brian Regan, this September!

I just bypassed Ticketmaster who only wanted to give me seats way in the back--stupid lottery system! Instead, I called the venue directly and got closer seats, which happen to be on the inside aisle. For those of you who are not 5'2", let me explain: that aisle will leverage out the height of the tall men I must strain to see over.


Once again, my goal is to out-yell the other audience members during the encore for Brian to do his "Flipper" bit.


Charles Gramlich said...

Lana and I are going to see him in just two weeks. Really looking forward to it.

Danette Haworth said...


Have fun! He's the king of comedy in my book. The first time I saw him he was really funny, then about halfway through he did the emergency room bit and I swear he pushed us, every single person in that hall, he pushed over a line into a kind of hilarity from which there was no return. And he continued at that level.

You're going to have a great evening!