Answers to Comedy Quiz--Press Links To Cause Mirth and Pleasure with an Audible, Vocal Expulsion of Air from the Lungs

How's your day going? Want to make it even better? Check out these bits; most are short, all are funny.

Without further ado, the answers to the comedy quiz:

1. "Rice is good food, if you're hungry and want 10,000 of something."
Oh, my gosh, watch the whole thing, TOO FUNNY! Fishsticks, club sandwiches, OMG, excellent! Saw him in person, so great. Humor is a gift, and he had it.

2. "Dad is great; he gave us chocolate cake."
This whole CD is great.

3. "Will do."
KEVIN MCDONALD, KIDS IN THE HALL, King of Empty Promises. So dry!

4. "A dingo ate your baby."
ELAINE, feeling uncomfortable at a party on SEINFELD. Good line to use at conferences if you feel awkward!

5. "They're just dumb old donkeys; they don't have a show to put on."
BRIAN REGAN, master of comedy, anything by him is my favorite. Check out Pop Tarts, Emergency Room, and I think we lost Bobby back there (don't know the name of this bit).

6. "You old guys don't need a young woman; you need a woman who recognizes the signs of stroke."
SINBAD, SINBAD, WHERE U BEEN? Excellent comedy! Clever, observational, and his improvisation is quick and spot-on. YOU MUST WATCH THIS BIT!

7. "I'm ready to go."
JAMIE FOX as WANDA, Living Color. I don't think she says it in this skit, but she's funny on the DATING GAME.

8. "I gotta have more cowbell!" Who doesn't know this one!

9. "Sausages . . ."
SCOTT THOMPSON, Kids in the Hall. This skit is strange and oddly literary.

10. "Am I smiling?"
JOAN RIVERS, Geico commercial. Haha!

11. "Go to sleep, tiny dancer."
OWEN WILSON as HUTCH, STARSKY AND HUTCH. After the dance-off between Starsky and some club boy, Hutch finds out what Starsky has been putting in his coffee.


Amie Kaufman said...

Oooh, leads on new comedy! Thanks, off I go to watch some of these!

Charles Gramlich said...

I didn't know a lot of the connections but these are very funny bits. I'm glad Regan did show horses at our show.