Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner

My friend, Kate Messner, has a GREAT new website! And even better, I finished Kate's recent book, Sugar and Ice, and I loved it. Claire Boucher is a middle school ice skater, plucked from her small town into an elite training camp by a world renowned coach.

I live in Florida, but I was in the land of snow and maple syrup the whole time I spent reading this wonderful book. The locker room scenes played like a movie in my head. Kate's knowledge of the ice skating world and its jargon opened the door for me to a place I'd never seen; ice skating terms I didn't know only made the story more real. Best aspect of story: Claire's very real insecurities and dealings with other girls.

One thing I loved was the idea that Claire doesn't seize upon the scholarship immediately. She has mixed feelings, reluctance, fear--and it's that fear that hit me as so true. It's scary to be taken from your comfort zone, even if where you're going is up. And those tween years can be catty enough in school hallways, but WOW! cutthroat in competition. Kate delivers a nice twist and an ending I didn't expect. I quickly passed my extra copy to my fifth grade neighbor next door.

Definitely recommended!


Wild About Words said...

Doesn't Kate just rock? She's a gift to the writing/reading community! Can't wait to read her new book.