Why, yes--I DO like American Idol 2011

Not many sixty-two-year old men can ROCK long hair and feathers (and sometimes a raccoon tail), but Steven Tyler does it pretty well.

I didn't think I'd like American Idol 2011, but I knew I had to watch at least a few episodes to see how Aerosmith's Steven Tyler would fare. I like it! A card on SNL and Wayne's World, Steven has proven himself to a thoughtful and intelligent judge. I loved when he'd sing along during auditions and the interest he took in the hopefuls.

One thing that surprised me was that neither Steven or J.Lo hold their collective superstar power against the aspiring young singers. J.Lo is encouraging without being smarmy. Steven is generous and nice--nice! Even Randy has stepped up to the plate during critiques.

My favorite contestants: Casey Abrams, oh so smokey; Jacob Lusk, a true talent; James Durbin, a rocker in the making who hasn't chiseled out his own identity so he's using Adam Lambert's (but I still like him!).

Favorite girls: . . .

And that's a wrap!