Scholastic Recommends Me & Jack for Summer Reading!

Scholastic Instructor recommends Me & Jack for summer reading!

"Books about dogs make up some of the best of children's literature. Clear space for these new ones on your shelf.

Me and Jack
By Danette Haworth. $16.99. Josh expects his troubles to end when his [air force] recruiter father allows him to adopt a dog after they move to a new town. But tensions are running high in this Vietnam-era story, and Josh's biggest challenges may lie ahead.
Grades 3-7"

TWO FLAVORS OF LUCKY--my new book!

I sold my fourth book to Bloomsbury/Walker! Four copies of the contract are printing as I type. I'm so excited!

The new book is a middle-grade novel titled TWO FLAVORS OF LUCKY. When twelve-year-old Hailee Richardson's family wins the lottery, her life changes, but not in the ways she'd hoped.

Pub date will be either late 2012 or early 2013. HOORAY!

Four days left to win a signed ARC of ME & JACK!

Four days left to win a signed ARC of ME & JACK!

Kirkus Reviews on ME & JACK: "Vividly depicted, amusing interior monologues--entertaining boy-and-dog adventure set against a not-often-depicted era of political strife that's notably similar to the present."

Biblio Reads: The kind of book you can get lost in."

SLJ: "Well paced, keeps readers focused and concerned."

Click here to enter!

Tuesday Morning Chit Chat or Come, Procrastinate with me while Pondering Semi-Important Things Like Old Movies

Things to think about on a Tuesday morning:

"Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" or "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" This one could tie you up for hours--the former, so rich in atmosphere; the latter, omg surprise ending! Need a rainy Saturday to watch both and decide again. Bette Davis does crazy so well.

Was Barbara Stanwyck the poor person's version of Joan Crawford? (Aside, my movie star BFFs tell me that Babs was nice in real life.)

Favorite Hitchcock movie: Rear Window.

Favorite B&W star: Cary Grant.

Valerie Bertinelli is so pretty. I like how all the characters have to put on reading glasses when they look at bills or magazines. (Hot in Cleveland)

Steven Tyler wears reading glasses on American Idol.

I suspect that Bono's sunglasses are bifocals, but he wanted to look cool.

While writing this, I received a phone call, gathered up some stuff, and made a drop at the school. It is already too hot in O-town. Also, my laptop stopped working and my hubby fixed it.

Good luck in your writing today!