Young Writers: Be Smart on Facebook

I get emails from readers and aspiring young writers who ask for tips and advice, and I am always happy to respond. Sometimes these same young writers friend me on Facebook. I now have a new tip for my younger friends:


Some of you have made impressive headway in your writing endeavors. I do not think it unrealistic to believe that you could be published before you hit twenty. What you might not realize at your age is that while you are already pursuing a professional goal, your online life is something everyone can see, including professional editors and agents.

What's the first thing an editor or agent will do if they're seriously considering your work? They're going to Google you. What will they find? What photos will they see? What kind of online person are you?

No matter what profession you're pursing, I advise you to have two accounts: one personal (under a nickname), where you can vent, brag, complain, and post photos; one under your real name (because that's how editors/agents will find you), where you can talk about your artistic achievements, academic stuff you like, books/movies you're interested in, and the like.

The things you do now play into your future! Be wise, my friends, okay? Okay.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice! I hope a lot of young writers and readers see this post.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Wise advice, not only for young writers but young people in general. One day they will be applying for jobs and their antics online will indeed come back to haunt them.

Charles Gramlich said...

Probably good advice for older writers too!