Bono and My Dream Last Night

Well, I wish the title of this post was "Bono in my dream last night," because then I would have spent time with my favorite Irishman; however, I have unrelated things to say about each of these topics.

Bono: Yahoo! today links to an article in which Bono explains his sunglasses, which he's rarely seen without. "Sensitive eyes," he says, citing light, flash photography, and wine as irritants. As much as I LOVE BONO, I must again assert my theory for his sunglasses--they're bifocals. C'mon, it wouldn't be cool for a rock star to have reading glasses perched on the tip of his nose.

And now for my dream--a nightmare, almost. Despite the fact I'd adjusted all the settings properly, I could not get two hyphens to turn into an em dash in my document. I worked up a proper sweat, typing and backspacing and typing again. It seemed to go on forever. When finally the em dash appeared, I woke up from the dream.

If you're a writer, this is the kind of thing that works its way into your dreams. I've edited real-life documents in dreams. Once, I told my boss she needed to pay me extra for the work I performed while communing with my pillow.

That is all! Have a great day, writers!