Rebecca Black, Demetri Martin, and The King of Empty Promises from Kids in the Hall

I cannot say, "It's Friday," without hearing Rebecca Black; I cannot look at Demetri Martin's book, "This is a Book," without hearing his monotone little tune; and I can NEVER say "Will do" without thinking of "The King of Empty Promises" from Kids in the Hall:


Charles Gramlich said...

Well, I'm out of the loop here. I only vaguely remember there was a show called Kids in the hall.

Danette Haworth said...

Charles, totally off-the-beaten-path comedy. Kids in the Hall was a Canadian comedy troupe with a show produced by Lorne Michaels. 1990s, I think. All over YouTube. One of those cult shows where if you use a quote in conversation and someone recognizes it, it's like OMG!