Horn Book and Linworth Publishing review Me & Jack

Linworth Publishing Company Reviews
Library Media Connection Reviews 2011 August/September
Josh Reed is from a single-parent home where moving is a way of life since his widowed dad is in the [air force]. The Vietnam War is being fought as he and his dad adjust to life in their latest home. They adopt a stray dog, Jack, [who] proves to be both a trial and a blessing. . . . This is a refreshing read that accurately portrays "life back home" during a tough time in our country's cultural history. Douglas K. Dillon, Ph.D., Library/Media Specialist, Lakota Plains and Lakota Ridge Junior Schools, West Chester, Ohio. RECOMMENDED ¬ 2011 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2011 Fall
Father and son, and their dog, Jack, are greeted with suspicion in their new town, especially after one soldier comes home and another is killed. The story touches on bullying, violence, war, friendship, and trust. Though there are some plot contrivances, the complex characters are well defined. Copyright 2011 Horn Book Guide Reviews.


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