Three Beautiful Pharaohs

Recently, a group of Pharaoh Hound owners invited me to join their group. I did, and now I see photos daily of one of the most elegant dogs God ever created. The dog on the cover of Me & Jack is a Pharaoh Hound. Maureen Key-Del Duca gave me permission to share this photo with a little information that gives you an idea of their personalities: From front to back: Lola, Farley, and Titus, but Maureen tells me their nicknames are Lolabelle, Farticus (for a reason!) and Titus the bite us. Aren't they beautiful?


Charles Gramlich said...

Three Jacks?

Danette Haworth said...

I know! They're so elegant! A PH owner saw Me &Jack at the book fair; then I got invited to their FB group; and since then, i look daily at their osts and pics and become ever more enamored of Pharaohs.