Great Stone Face Award, Me & Jack and more!

I've discovered more about New Hampshire's Great Stone Face Award and I can't help but feel excited!

From Kid's Books 101, written by Matt: "The Great Stone Face Award is an award that is given out every year to around 25 new 4th through 6th grade books  by the GSF Committee. It is sponsored by the Children’s Library of New Hampshire. The name “Great Stone Face” comes from the Man in the Mountain, which is the most historic landmark that was in New Hampshire. This year’s Great Stone Face books are really, really good."

The voting takes place next April, and the winners will be announced May. I'm proud and humbled to find my book, Me & Jack, in such notable company:

2012-2013 Nominees


Charles Gramlich said...

That's so excellent! Congrats!

Wild About Words said...

This is wonderful, Danette. And you are in great company. Hooray!