Sinbad in October, Hard Rock Cafe, O-town!

It was announced, then cancelled, then sent to me by special email--Sinbad the comedian is coming to Orlando this October!

I sweated it out buying my tickets on Ticketmaster--a stopwatch appears on the sidebar and counts down how many seconds you have left to fill in your information before T-master decides you're taking too long and zeroes you out. I was upstairs and had the wrong credit card! I slid down the banister, took the stairs in a flying leap, and blurred my fingers, tapping in my name, rank and serial number.

Hey, Sinbad, we're coming to see you!


Kim Kasch said...

I hope you have fun :D

Charles Gramlich said...

I've seen him on TV specials. Pretty funny.

Danette Haworth said...

Kim, thanks! I WILL have fun. And the Hard Rock Cafe is set up theater style, so there's no sharing a crowded bistro table with people you don't know, knocking knees and stepping on toes.

Yes, Charles--he's funny and quick. Steve and I saw him last year and couldn't believe how well he volleyed shouted-out comments from the audience. He's got different style and content from Brian Regan, but he's alike in that his comedy is observational, true, and clever--all without cursing, slurs, or sexual jokes. Also, his performance, though you know has to be rehearsed to some point, comes across casually, like a conversation that has taken him to this topic or that.