Riley, I Hope You Got an A on your Book Report!

Fifth grade reader Riley sent me this email:

"I love the book me and jack so much i am doing my book report on it so if you could write back that would be so cool. I love the book me and jack."

I wrote back, asking what Riley's favorite part was, and after receiving the answer, I provided never-seen-before behind-the-scenes info on that particular part of the book. In turn, Riley went all out on the book report. Here's the pic Riley's mom posted:

Yay, Riley! It looks like you did a lot of work on that poster! I hope you received an A for your book report!


Kim Kasch said...

OMG! That is soooo cute. One day I hope to have something half that ahhhh.....dorable to post on my blog :D

HUGE Congrats!!!!

Danette Haworth said...

Thanks, Kim. And I look forward to reading that post!