UCF is Bowlbound vs Ball State! (and I don't even care about football!)

The University of Central Florida (UCF), my alma mater, place of fond memories, and land that occupies my dreams in which I have the cliched experience of knowing I have a test but have not attended class and I'm walking and walking and where the heck is the building and if I could find my friends (Ann, Grace, Sieglinde, Steve, Dennis, Colin, or Alan) they could tell me where I'm supposed to be and where my classes are. I can never find them, and the campus is endless, with high tech new building I am unfamiliar with. In any case, UCF vs Ball State! GO KNIGHTS!


Charles Gramlich said...

They've been good for a few years now. Good luck to them, as long as they aren't playing Arkansas, and they're not this year because Arkansas sucked so bad they didn't even make a bowl.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! My alma mater, too! Just another reason to like you. Hey that rhymes. Go Knights!