Librarian Likes A Whole Lot of Lucky!

Confession time! I do sometimes look around the Interwebs for my books. I try not to; you never know when you have to duck a rotten tomato. But tonight I stumbled upon the kind of review that makes any middle-grade writer's day--positive words from an elementary school librarian! From her review: "A Whole Lot of Lucky is a novel I will happily recommend to my middle grade girls. . . . I loved the Florida setting and the fact that Hailee loves reading and refers to the various books she is immersed in. A Whole Lot of Lucky is a perfect realistic fiction novel for the middle grade reader."

Here's the link: Books Are My Thing


Kim Kasch said...

But of course - what librarian wouldn't like Lucky!

Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent!. I often read my reviews. Gotta get some feedback somewhere.