Dolly Parton's Here! (In the Sidebar, Anyway)

Dolly Parton is performing "Sleigh Bells Ring" in Summer Friend's Clip of the Week. Just scroll down a little. I couldn't find any live versions that also had good sound quality, so just imagine the perky Dolly Parton as she moves us into the Christmas spirit.

Other news:
For those of you who may have lost sleep over this, the Battle of the Bands is over--The Monkees won.

Also, I tried to make it snow on Summer Friend and ended up zeroing out my blog! Can you say "insta-stress"? The template I'd downloaded couldn't be uploaded and I spent a very long time rebuilding it.

But I'm back. Regular posts resuming tomorrow.


Mary Witzl said...

I love Dolly Parton. I even loved her back before it was cool to love her -- way before 9 to 5, when friends rolled their eyes at me and cried "God!" when they heard who I was listening to.

Some of those friends are now Dolly converts. Harrumph.

Wish I could send you a little frosty weather. And some of your Florida would come in useful in our kitchen just now: it's FREEZING in there!

Danette Haworth said...

I have a Time/Warner Christmas collection CD pack, and Dolly singing "Sleigh Bells Ring" is one of my favorite tracks.

I came across many Dolly videos as I searched YouTube for this song. She's always been pretty and has a great voice.

I saw some great Elvis videos, too--made me want to just load up the blog with videos!

courtney said...

I LOVE Dolly Parton. No one is allowed to say anything bad about her in my presence ever. She can do no wrong after Jolene, as far as I'm concerned. And sorry for all the template trouble you had! Aaagh, frustrating! Glad you sorted it out (I love the Santa hat in your avatar!!).

Brenda said...

Love the Santa hat!

I love listening to Dolly Parton...Hard Candy Christmas is one of my favorites.

She has a voice made for Christmas songs...

Happy Holidays to you all!