Important News from People Magazine

I generally don't comment on news, but I saw a piece on my Yahoo! page that I simply couldn't ignore. This breaking news story arrested my attention--I even watched the video. Maybe you did, too.

People has announced their list for Sexiest Man Alive! I was glad to see my man Johnny Depp on board and Brad Pitt, too, not to mention the world's biggest sweetheart, John Stamos, but where was Owen Wilson? Where was Adrian Paul of Highlander fame? I feel an injurious oversight has occurred over there in the People offices.

Maybe they want to give Owen a paparazzi break, but how could anyone compose such a list without placing Adrian Paul in the top five? His character, Duncan MacLeod, is half of one of my top favorite TV couples: Duncan and Tessa, and Jesse and Becky (Full House). In fact, I had hoped Adrian (yes, we're on a first name basis) would snag the coveted James Bond role (which went to Daniel Craig). He's so perfect for that type of role: elegant, good-looking, English, and he's an excellent swordsman. Plus, if he'd been given that role, I would finally be able to attend action movies.

If it were up to me, and husbands were excluded, I'd give the crown back to Johnny Depp. I loved Gilbert Grape and Edward Scissorhands and Dead Man and the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Runners up would be Adrian Paul, Brad Pitt, John Stamos, and Owen Wilson. In that order.

And that's the news.


Virginia Lee said...

Hee hee hee. "Important news..."

I have to admit, I clicked through all the photos in the slide show.

I was missing Eric Steinberg, perennial fave George Clooney, Chef Ming Tsai, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, Victor Garber, and Michael Vartan.


the Brad said...

Hopefully Owen was somewhere getting that nose of his looked at.

The better question is, where was I?

Church Lady said...

A challenge for photo wench:

Please post a very seductive, scantily-clad photo of JD.


Danette Haworth said...

Yes, good show, wouldn't you say?

Your modesty is exceeded only by your sense of humor. I've been to your blog.

Ha! But I have a G rating right now. Oops, better check--use of the word "sexiest" may have bumped me up to PG.

Danette Haworth said...

Just checked. My blog is PG due to these words: death, dead, kill.

courtney said...

Hee. This entry rules.
I wonder what these men do when they see the list? Does Johnny Depp yawn, toss it aside and say something like, "Ho hum! All in a day's work!" I can totally see him not caring.

But not Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt totally cares.

Charles Gramlich said...

Ahh, I recognize all these actors, and actually I've liked Adrian Paul a lot ever since the highlander series. I thought he was very well cast for that role.

Owen Wilson must be an acquired taste. Lana thinks he's horrible. I kind of like his acting but I wouldn't imagine his looks to be woman magnet material.

Danette Haworth said...

Johnny Depp drinks sexy.

I agree--I think Owen is an acquired taste. I'd seen him in movies before (Tennebaums, Zoolander), didn't think much of him, then Starsky and Hutch came along. He and Ben Stiller are a comedy duo!

Brenda said...

I'm 41 years old, but I have always been and always will be an old black and white movie star kinda gal.

I don't these stars today can hold a candle to the stars of yesterday..

1. Cary Grant - Sexy, charming...I love this man! He can be funny, serious, boyish and yet what a man he is...Did it just get very hot in here? grin
2. Robert Redford - I always wanted to run my fingers through his blonde hair...purrr
3. Fess Parker - (Daniel Boone) No other man could look sooo good in a pair of buckskins...He's sooo tall and have you seen him smile...I'm swooning...grin..

I will give you John Stamos. I always did think he was cute as Uncle Jesse and even more so now...

Signed...A youngter with an old soul...Me...

Ello said...

Johnny Depp is mine, all mine. Back off, girls!

Danette Haworth said...

Who can deny the superior quality of the men you named? But really, Brad Pitt is the Robert Redford of today--gosh, just look at him in A River Runs Through It.

Thanks for giving me John Stamos! Now I must speak to Ello.

I'm not sure, but based on your new avatar, I think I could take you on for Johnny Depp. ;)

Ello said...

Looks are sooooooo deceptive! ;o)

Kimber An said...

I wasn't too impressed with People's list, although Johnny Depp and Will Smith most definitely make sense!