My HDR and TV are Almost Restored! Sunday Night TV (Spoiler Alert!)

My television and HDR have been down for several weeks. I’ve barely missed them. In fact, during the day, I haven’t missed them at all, my rule against daytime TV being such that it is.

But I’ve missed three weeks’ of Saturday Night Live, Desperate Housewives, and America’s Next Top Model. It’s been horrible. At night, I’ve been doing housework instead of sitting on the couch with ice cream and entertainment. This is not my idea of a good evening (although I will say the laundry is caught up).

I finally got the big idea to catch up on these shows through their websites. NBC doesn’t provide full episodes of SNL, and the CW site didn’t stream well for me, but I did get all caught up on my Desperate Housewives Saturday and wouldn’t you know it—serendipity! Live TV worked Sunday night!

With great joy, I scooped my ice cream and moved to the couch, ready to be entertained. Instead, my housewives made me cry. [Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!] When Lynette found out she didn’t have cancer, she walked out to the back yard in shock. Just as she looked upward and you could feel that sense of unburdening, she spotted the dead animal in her yard. Dead from the poison she left out. (I really did like the symbolism earlier with the air rifle.) I couldn’t tell if the animal was the possum or a dog—my screen colors are not quite right. In the same episode, Bree’s daughter gave up her baby. Excellent acting, Joy Lauren (Danielle).

So then I watched Brothers and Sisters. I do not normally watch this show (it's good, BTW), but my TV is in the condition where one must actually rise from the couch, walk across the living room and manually—manually!—change the channel. I wanted to watch something funny but I didn’t feel like getting up. [Spoiler alert!] Calista Flockhart’s character had a miscarriage.

Ah, man! Not the note I wished to go to bed on. I will be so glad when my HDR is fixed and I can get comedy on demand. I’m hoping everything will be working by Thursday so I can watch 30 Rock live. If the next episode is as good as the ones on the website, I’ll be adding it to my HDR.


Charles Gramlich said...

After Katrina we lived in an apartment in Austin for almost three months with no TV. Looking back on it it was heaven. I got SO much reading done.

plaidearthworm said...

Wow, I did a TV post, then I find yours! Very Twilight Zone. Somehow I can't get into 30 Rock, probably because I was a Studio 60 fan; it's like VHS and Beta ;). I could get so easily hooked on Desperate Housewives, though! They used to run each week's eps on the late night Soap channel, and I loved it.

Mary Witzl said...

I don't watch TV -- no time, and also -- no TV! Most of the time this is great: plenty of time to do things like read, write, etc. But it also means that I have lost touch with pop culture and whenever anyone mentions a TV show, I draw a blank and look stupid.

Way back when, though, I loved Saturday Night Live. And I have every West Wing episode ever made on CD, so I'm not totally out of touch.

Church Lady said...

*wiping sweat from brow. trying to picture relaxing environmental scenes. trying NOT to think of Danette's betrayal...*

You are doing housework? You, sniff, sniff, cleaned your house?

uhh, uh, why? what happened? was it something I said?

I thought we were in this together....

Danette Haworth said...

I hope all is well. I can't imagine what that experience must have been like.

Ha! I read your comment here and your post. I liked Studio 60, too--I loved Matthew Perry's character. But I always wished the characters would turn a few more lights on. That set was so dark!

Hi Mary,
My favorite SNL season was any season that included Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell--I love the cowbell sketch!

Don't give up me, lady! My TV's almost fixed--the house will soon return to its normal state of unfinished tasks.

You are not alone. (That was my deep voice.)

courtney said...

Brothers and Sisters somehow sucked me into watching it. It comes on and I... can't turn it off. Even though I find it a little too... too, sometimes. I saw the episode you mentioned and it totally made me cry. My TV is also in the same state of 'get up & change the channel or suffer through what's on.' We need to look into universal remotes!

Danette Haworth said...

I totally agree with you that B&S seems a little too . . . too sometimes, but you've got Ally McBeal and Sally Field in the same show and, well, there ya go!

And OMG! Sally Field is still so cute!