The Book Deal: An Inside View of Publishing

Thanks to Verla Kay's blueboards, I've discovered an excellent blog for writers. Alan Rinzler, Executive Editor at Jossey-Bass Publishing, puts out The Book Deal: An Inside View of Publishing. Tips, articles, interviews--Mr. Rinzler's blog is a primer for writers at every level. Check it out!


Sandy Nawrot said...

What an amazing blog. I just watched the promo interview of Patricia Cornwell, talking about her level of commitment in creating Kay Scarpetta. I find all of this way too fascinating. I'm not a writer, but a wannabe still in the closet!

Cathy C. Hall said...

Hi Danette,

I did check it (Alan's blog) out, and it's definitely a keeper. And your blog is delightful, too. Oh, and your website. I had a nice little romp through Danette a "Wow! Here's a writer after my own heart" way, not in that "Hey! Why's this gal stalking me?" way :-)

Danette Haworth said...

Hi Sandy!
Then you are a writer! Yes, I think that blog is excellent. Another good one (if you haven't already discovered it) is JA Konrath's blog and Nathan Bransford.

Welcome to the blog! Glad you stopped by!