Dogs and Cough Drops

My dog likes cough drops.

I discover her chewing on something, wrangle her to the floor, and retract tattered wrappers from her unyielding jaws. She wags her tail, licks my face--"I've done nothing wrong"--and I am bathed in the scent of warm mentholyptus.

My kids worry about her.

"I think it's okay," I say. "Look--she's not coughing."


Kelly said...

I'll bet her breath smells better too! :) Dogs get into everything, but we have to be careful because my dad's dog got broke into prescription pills and had his stomach pumped!

Charles Gramlich said...


Kim Kasch said...

My dog likes...cans, bottles, plastic, even couches. Maybe she's part goat.

Wild About Words said...

Funny and cute. Your dog must be such a joy in your house.

Danette Haworth said...

Kelly, yes minty fresh!

I baby-proofed the house only to discover that puppies go places babies can't--under the bed behind the couch . . . who put the cough drops there?!

Kim, Haha! I told my husband the same thing: Our dog is a goat in disguise!

She is a joy, Donna. It's been a few years since I had a pet, and she definitely is the right one for us!